Laurie Akinola, DDS, Lithonia, GA 30038
The Community

With the Fairways, we have it all. You can too!

Country Club Fairways is truly one of the finest communities in the south. Located in the heart of the Riverways of America, we have the country charm and goodwill of a small town with benefits usually found only in larger cities. All the features below are within 30 miles of the Fairways.

We have excellent schools, including a college and a university. Our network of medical facilities is outstanding. The arts, too, thrive here with many galleries, museums, concerts, recitals, plays, and operas year-round. Our neighbor city, Paducah has a world-class, full-time symphony orchestra.

We're progressive here, as well, located at a vital intersection of the interstate and parkway system which attracts industry of all types. An information Park was built, designed to make this area a major hub in the electronic superhighway.

The climate is moderate and we enjoy all four seasons. With more than 3,400 miles of shoreline, Kentucky and Barkley Lakes, separated by the national recreation area, Land Between the Lakes, combine to make this one of the country's premiere tourist areas, with endless opportunities of water related activities, great dining, shopping, and more.

Rounding out this list of positives for the area is our most important asset - good folks! We created Country Club Fairways to promote the lifestyle and community that we value and bring more good folks to our little piece of heaven.

There's something for Everyone at Country Club Faiways.

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